Specialists in developing and growing brands

When we license a brand, we are 100% committed to its values and strategic objectives, as well as to its needs and requirements in terms of design and quality.


From idea to sale, always alongside our brands, partners and customers.

Product development

As licensees, it is us who detect new business opportunities for each brand, proposing new lines of business that enhance their business growth.


We strive to support manufacturing from start to finish, carrying out preliminary product studies, selecting the most specialised manufacturers for each sector, and then subjecting the product to the strictest tests and quality controls.


We take care of every last detail in the design of each product, guided by the advice, guidelines and needs of the brand.


In addition to offering our products to large retail outlets without the need for intermediaries, we have partners who distribute them throughout more than 50 countries.


We position our brands in the digital world and promote the sale of their products by creating all kinds of offline and online content, such as the exclusive sales portal designed for the Goodyear brand.


After-sales service

Our support goes beyond the sale.

We provide our partners and sales areas in Spain with the possibility of requesting an exchange, return, repair or spare part, as well as personalised attention whenever they require it from the expert technicians of each line of business.

Expand your lines of business together with us and grow your brand

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