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Our success in driving brands is based on our great ability to adapt to the variability of the environment and thorough research of the target market when choosing products and positioning them with agility at the perfect time.

And in addition to all this, we have a wide range of products that we diversify year after year, covering all types of markets, including the agricultural, industrial, automotive, household and DIY markets, among others.

Licence Goodyear

With more than 120 years in the world of motoring, Goodyear is one of the world’s leading tyre manufacturers thanks to its quality and cutting-edge products.

We leverage Goodyear through the manufacture of machinery, power tools, signage, lubricants, shock absorbers and transfers.

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Licence Ducati

The care for design, power and high performance of its products has brought Ducati to the top of its sector, offering both professional and home solutions.

We help Ducati by developing chainsaws, brush cutters, multicutters, hedge trimmers, vacuum-blowers, tillers, lawn mowers, water pumps, pressure washers, trimmers, blowers, snow ploughs, batteries and chargers.

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Own brand Miralbueno

Consolidated by the quality of its in-house manufactured seats, Miralbueno is constantly evolving to guarantee the best ergonomics and work satisfaction in the agricultural sector.

For Miralbueno, we produce seats, suspensions, bases, backrests and accessories.

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