Creating products. Boosting business.

We design and develop products to expand the business opportunities of major brands and increase the offer of the leading sales platforms in each market.

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Growing brands every day

Brands choose us as their licensees because of our ability to drive them forward without them having to worry about a thing.

This is how we do it
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We are specialists in six broad product lines thanks to our expert know-how

We position brands at the top of each of these markets thanks to the development of products subject to the most thorough quality inspections.


Through our wide range of agricultural products, we cover both professional and personal market needs.


Vacuum cleaners, generators, compressors... The products that make up our industrial catalogue stand out for their robustness and durability.


We are committed to sustainability by promoting a new way to move around the city that’s much more eco-friendly and comfortable: electric scooters.


From liquids and lubricants to signage and shock absorbers, we cover all the needs of the automotive world with a wide range of products.


Our home line has been created to improve people’s health and quality of life through water and air purifiers of the highest quality.


Design, quality and competitive price, our R&D&I team prioritises these four requirements above all when developing home improvement and DIY products.


If you’re a brand looking to expand its lines of business, a potential partner who wants to distribute our brands, or a large area that wishes to sell our products, we’d love to speak to you.

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